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Tucked away on bustling 44 Nguyen Hue Street, Soi Spa (www.soispa.vn) sits on the Sixth floor, decorated in calming hues of blue and smelling of lemongrass, it is an instant retreat. Soi Spa has been open at this location since 2015 and recently opened a second location on 152 Ly Tu Trong Street (Second floor). Expansion is suggestive of success, and upon entry, a customer can easily see why. Clean, charming and serene, Soi Spa offers nail and hair care, wax services, massage and a wide array of facials.

“Relaxer in Chief,” Quyen Nguyen, breaks down the most popular of facial requests and the benefits of each:

 “The Relaxing Detox Facial is very popular at Soi Spa for weekly skincare and self treatment routine. The Enzymatic Gommage works magically detoxifying and cleaning the pores and helps get your skin ready for absorbing skincare products better. The lavender mask at the end very often helps spa guests nap.

The Vitamin C Facial with Vitamin C infused product range to help brighten skin, enhance collagen generation process. Vitamin C is rapidly oxidized by dissolved oxygen thus requires to be stored properly. We have Vitamin C serum sealed in a capsule for single use and we make sure these capsules are stored away from strong light and high temperature.

The Deep Hydrating Using Nano Pen Facial is the best hydrating solution for the skin using a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) product range. A Nano pen with mild vibration helps improve blood circulation. Jelly face mask at the end covers the eyes and lips as HA works safely on these areas.”

 The Deep Hydrating Nano Pen Facial is what I am here to try. Nano pens use nano-needling technology to penetrate the skin and push nourishing products in. The pen has tiny, conical shaped fibers that create a current which aids in healing the surface of the skin from fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and acne scarring. It does this by exfoliating and hydrating the skin, and also by stimulating collagen production. After many painful extractions in past facials, I was prepared for some pain, but the nano pen facial had no discomfort at all, and left me with a glow and zero irritation. A week later, my pores are smaller and my skin is brighter, with previous hard to heal blemishes greatly improved.

Quyen explains the benefits of each step of the extensive and carefully crafted facial regimen, “Hyaluronic Acid (HA serum) helps skin achieve maximum delivery and hydration, while boosting moisture retention and firmness. Vitamin C stimulates new collagen, reduces visible discolorations on the skin, and enhances protection against environmental pollutants and UV exposure. 80 minutes: face wash, face relaxing, face detox with Enzymatic Gommage, steam, oil/clog pore extract, Vitamin C and HA serum induction using micro nano pen, deep hydrating mask, head-neck-shoulder relaxing, toner with cold massager to help tighten the pores, sun screen protective finish of daytime or moisturizer if nighttime.”

Soi Spa is one of few places in Ho Chi Minh City offering nano pen technology, which is exceptionally expensive in other countries, but still affordable here. This intensive, multi-step facial is VND1,160,000 and lasts 80 minutes.

She also tells me about the brand of products she carefully selected, “We choose Le Club, a specialized skin care products from France. I got this recommendation from one of our facial trainers and decided to have this product range for its proper size, quality vs cost, focus solution for various skin problems, and having an authorized distributor in Vietnam.”

Quyen created Soi Spa with a vision of creating a relaxing space for busy people who need, “an instant getaway,” during their lunch break or after they get off from their long workday. And it is an absolute reprieve from the high energy, heat, and horns of the city.

Images byVy Lam 

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