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The City of Tombs

Villagers compete to build increasingly lavish and elaborate tombs for their ancestors

In Vietnam, belief of the afterlife and the importance of its preparation runs deep among the populace. “There’s a saying that’s really popular around here: “Life is fleeting, but death […]

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Leveraging Languages

Is translanguaging the answer to 21st century multilingual classrooms?

It is hard to argue against the importance of English as a truly world language. Used by almost 942 million people around the world, and in five of the world’s top ten largest […]

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Live Long & Prosper

Skimping on health insurance today may be a costly regret tomorrow

“Before the motorbike accident I didn’t think health insurance was important to have. I thought of getting something cheap, maybe even taking local alternatives to save money. After seeing the bill […]

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The Pretenders

Stand-in lovers and pretend relatives are among a colorful cast of fakers

“I’ve met 25 sets of parents and have worn 50 wedding dresses,” proclaims Giang Anh,a 24-year-old medical student. “But I have never signed a marriage certificate.” Before you jump to […]

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“Bai” Advertising Agency, “Xin Chao” Creative Connectivity Agency

Giant billboards, print and television were regarded as the top tiers of marketing, the best money could buy. However, with the advent of the internet, and social media titans such as Google, Facebook and YouTube over the last decade, this […]

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The Influencers: How Other Cultures Helped Shape Vietnam’s LGBT Community

Follow our series on Vietnam’s LGBT community here or download the PDF of our June 2016 issue on “Pride” here.

Though some progress has been made towards accepting LGBT people in modern Vietnamese society, there is still a wide divide between […]

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Right On! A Mission to Protect and Serve the LGBT Community

Follow our series on Vietnam’s LGBT community here or download the PDF of our June 2016 issue on “Pride” here.

In recent years, Vietnam is slowly developing a reputation for being an unlikely haven for gays, lesbians and transgenders in Asia. […]

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Historic Progress for Vietnam’s LGBT Community

Until recently the LGBT community in Vietnam was marginalized, but changes in attitude in the legal and public spheres are coming. From Vietnam’s first gay parade in Hanoi in 2012 to an openly transgender contestant on Vietnam Idol, the country […]

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Breaking down barriers, Jessica an finds success as a transgender model

“I didn’t plan on creating a club or anything like that for transpeople. Nothing about what we do is formal or even official. At first, it was just a name, […]

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Tell Me a Story

No time to read to your kids? Hire someone else to do it for you

“The first time I worked as a storyteller, it was for my neighbor’s child. The parents had some errands to run until late and paid me […]

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