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Happiness Brings Happiness

Founded by fashion designer Cac Lam, Seam The World (STW) is a charitable organization that uses fashion and art to support orphans and underprivileged children around the world. Through events that focus on painting, fashion, photography and cooking, STW has reach […]

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It’s A Hard Rock Life

With a self-professed alternative style and a love of tattoos, jewelry and accessories designer Jérôme Peschard is clearly very inspired by the rock generation. “I don’t want to grow up. I still think I’m 18 at the time of hard […]

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Silver Wear

Silver has always been a part of Kim Quyen-Tran’s life. Her parents own a shop selling silver in their hometown of Can Tho. So when Kim decided to start her own jewelry collection called Taini (3A Station – 3A Ton […]

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The Ocean Is Calling

Inspired by Vietnam’s coastline, and Nha Trang specifically, Aquary is for adventure seekers – whether it’s in search of the perfect beach, diving deep into the ocean or jogging along the beach to catch the sunrise – the beachwear line […]

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Back to Black

A collection inspired by fall/winter colors, the use of darker pieces serves as a reminder that bold, black designs remain eternally classy and relevant. Teamed with statement pieces adaptable for both day and night, these ultra-feminine designs take sophistication to […]

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Designer of the Year

Meet Vo Viet Chung, Vietnam’s award-winning ao dai designer and UNESCO honoree

Vietnamese fashion was given new recognition last August with an unprecedented international award bestowed on local designer Vo Viet Chung, one of the country’s foremost innovators in fine traditional […]

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Haute Jewelry

Mischelle Thuy White on living her life through gemstones

Throughout the rise of civilization itself, nothing has been more consistently definitive of luxury, wealth, and power than the gemstone. Today, precious stones have just as much gravity and desirability as they […]

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A Woman of Contrast

Designer Thuy Nguyen explains the motivation behind her designs and the importance of not having a plan

Visual artists are well-known for breaking traditional molds and rejecting the shackles of conservative culture; free-spirited Thuy Nguyen, one of this country’s most vibrant fashion […]

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Made for Him

The men in Saigon are dressing better courtesy of Quynh Tran

A new concept in fashion is trending, Vietnamese men are starting to open up to the idea of bespoke clothes and are realizing that getting the perfect fit is worth the […]

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Ride In Style, Safely

Meet the man on a mission to create the ultimate motorcycle jacket

Thomas Grové, amongst other things, is a video game publisher, design consultant, cyberpunk aesthete, climbing enthusiast, and most recently, a man on a crusade to change the way people […]

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