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I Come From Ocean

Designer Dieu Anh celebrates the summer season with a collection inspired by the color, beauty and mystery of our oceans. I COME FROM OCEAN patterns blend Patrick Carpenter’s photos of the sun’s reflections off the water’s surface with the life […]

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Dress to Impress

Celebrated ao dai designer-artist Si Hoang speaks about opening Vietnam’s only museum Dedicated to this traditional long dress

One of Vietnam’ s most iconic ao dai designers, Si Hoang is as much a philosopher as he is an artist. That is […]

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Black Bird

Usually known for her intricate embroidery technique and bold, bright colors, Thuy Nguyen has decided to move to a darker period with her latest Black Bird collection.

Model: Hoang Oanh

Photographer: Thong Hoang

Designer: Thuy Nguyen/ Thuy Design House

Hair & Makeup: Bao Bao

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Joy Ride

Vietnamese designer Adrian Anh Tuan has named his 2016 resort collection Joy Ride – Love-filled Days. Inspired by women in love, the collection features pastels and bold romantic reds on lace that come together to create elegant, sophisticated and sensual […]

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Keeping it Ku

Meet fashion designer and restaurateur Chuong Dang

Chuong Dang leans back and flashes yet another smile of absolute and easy conviction. The man has a warm, observant gaze, as if he sees everything in slow motion, and he has the uncanny […]

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A Recipe for Natural Beauty

Ditch the toxins in your personal care products and make your own

Around the central mixing table at the Savon de Saigon (180/58 Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh) laboratory, Julien and Thao gather the class together. We had only two hours […]

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The Ringmaster

In a room near the stairs on the second floor above the traffic on Pasteur, there is a man describing the cuff links he wants to have made to a young salesgirl. It is a small boutique called Made by […]

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Redesigning Tradition

Mottainai is a Japanese word that refers to that feeling of regret when something is wasted. It is this spirit that drives Clare Smith, the creator and designer behind Moniko (The Closet on 81 Xuan Thuy, D2; Facebook: TheClosetd2), to […]

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Clothes Make The Man

It’s been said that today’s stylish man only needs about 20 items in his wardrobe built on timeless principles: classic colors, patterns and styles paired with a good fit for master interchangeability. Alice Lehoux, the creative designer behind Leo, is […]

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Floral Arrangements

Whether they’re trailing yards of roses or framed by a cloud of blue tulle, these ethereal floral dresses bring the romance of the garden onto the red carpet.

Elegant Model Agency

Contact: Quang Troc (Canton Dang) (US: 714 602 4111; Vietnam: 090 […]

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